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2 min readOct 25, 2021


GamyFi Ambassador programme is finally here. This is your chance to become a GamyFi ambassador & support GamyFi in it's journey to a new era of eSports & Fantasy Sports.

Apply in the programme to be eligible for rewards such as Genesis NFT cards, $GFX tokens & Merch by completing simple tasks & supporting the community.

i) What benefits does being an ambassador have?

Ambassador's earn rewards by accomplishing specific tasks over time to support the protocol & community. These rewards can be $GFX, NFT’s or merch. Top ambassadors will be rewarded will Mythic Genesis card NFT. Ambassador's gain access to private beta tests, sneak peaks of products and the abillity to discuss about the future of the project with the core team. They get to be part of a community specific for ambassdors, a group with other ambassadors and team members. They also get to build a name for themselves in the community & in Cryptoverse. They Get featured on the twitter page of GamyFi.

ii) what is required to become an ambassador?

These are key points to keep in mind while applying for the programme.

a) Hold $GFX tokens.
b) Be passionate about the project and willing to put in work to make the project a success.
c) Be willing to learn and improve your own skills.
d) Have an account(s) on social media platforms such as twitter, telegram & discord etc.
e) Basic Knowledge of how Blockchain works & how GamyFi Platform oparates.

iii) What do we expect from you?

While there is no specific requirement of you. The most important basic requirement would be to invest time in the project and spreading the word about it. Helping the project grow is our main goal and mission. If you are willing to help with this goal and mission you are welcome to apply below for his position. Helping the community grow, helping people in our telegram group, sharing our posts on social media, motivating people to play the game & learn about it. Creating groups for specific countrys where the need is for. Look for opportunities where the project can fit it.

iv) What are the rewards?

Each month, top 3 ambassadors will rewarded with 300 GFX each.

Each Quarter, the most active ambassador will be awarded with 1 Mythic Genesis NFT.

Each year, the most active ambassador will be awarded with 1 GamyFi t-shirt.

*rewards are entitled to change according to growth & requirements. Malicious activity will account to being disqualified from the ambassador program.

Apply for the ambassador program by filling out this form :

We thank everyone for their continued support & expect it to stay strong while we build & deliver.



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