GamyFi Genesis NFT collection receives usecase & GFX rewards.

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2 min readDec 23, 2021


GamyFi NFT’s are released for a while now, but till this date there was not an usecase for the NFT’s implemented into our ecosystem. Till this date we have slowly been distributing the NFT’s. The people hodling the NFT’s have been waiting on an usecase for the NFT’s.
With this reason we want to thank our NFT hodlers and will be implementing the next rewards. Starting from 1 January we will be rewarding the Legendary and Mythic NFT hodlers in form of an airdrop. This airdrop will be held monthly. Every month in the year 2022 hodlers of the NFT’s will be rewarded with an amount of GFX. Legendary NFT hodlers will be rewarded with 10 GFX per month and Mythic NFT hodlers will be rewarded with 25 GFX per month.

Every end of the month, there will be a snapshot taken. In this snapshot the hodlers of the NFT will be registered and the reward will be distributed. In the coming months we will be doing various activitys to giveaway some of these NFT’s. One of the Mythic Genesis NFT’s will be rewarded to the top performing ambassador. You are allowed to buy and sell the NFT on our marketplace at The person that bought the NFT will be the person the person that will be recieving the airdrop holding on the date of the snapshot. The person that sold the NFT will be getting an amount of GFX put as sell offer for the NFT. The airdrop will be active in the year 2022 & after that will open up new use cases as assets in the ecosystem.

GamyFi Genesis Mythic NFT

GamyFi Genesis Mythic NFT is the rarest GamyFI NFT collections. Only 10 units will ever be minted.

GamyFi Genesis Legendary NFT

GamyFi Genesis Legendary NFT is is no less beneficial than the Mythic series and holds multiple usecases. Only 100 units will ever be minted.

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The NFT collections will be distributed in giveaways to active community members, beta testers and ambassadors. Stay Tuned to make one yours.

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