GamyFi NFT Battle Royale V2 is finally here.

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2 min readSep 5, 2021


We are glad to release our NFT Battle Royale Version 2 on Polygon Mainnet today. This new version improves security, makes the smart contracts more flexible for future improvements & also makes it cost effective & faster for users being on Polygon network. Visit to play now.

Also make sure you swap your old tokens to new version if you are holding on Ethereum / Binance smart chain.

New Features ⚡

i) Insurance : V2 brings new insurance features, allowing users to take a insurance before going into a battle to avoid losing the NFT. A insurance costs 5 GFX tokens and covers the users from any lose of NFT for 50 hours.

ii) Saving : V2 is built on polygon network which makes it faster as well as cheaper to use. Claiming NFT & joining battle can now be done for 1 cent.

iii) Private Battle : Now users can create own pools, where they set fees, set maximum participants & time for the pool to end. The pool ends once max users join or time is reached. All users pay a joining fee set by pool creator. The winner takes the reward while the pool creator gets 5% fees for creating the pool. This feature will only be available for Level 1 NFT tokens and will be launched very soon.

iv) Referral : Now users can refer their friends using their refer link on their dashboard. For each succesful refer, both referrer & referee receive a 50% chance at receiving a random amount of GFX token and A CERENE NFT.

Note : there is no requirement of holding 1 GFX yet. But in future this will be implemented.

GFX token contract : 0x65ad6a2288b2dd23e466226397c8f5d1794e58fc


This token is used in all functions such as Battle rewards, insurance & staking rewards. Please add it to metamask/trust wallet to be able to view it on wallet.

Please play the game at and provide your valuable feedback to us. Don’t forget to share with your friends to earn more GFX together. 🎁



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