GamyFi Platform Mainnet is Live. NFT Battle Royale and NFT Marketplace rolled out in first phase.

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5 min readJul 12, 2021

Hello Everyone, hope you are having a great day. Today we are delighted to launch our NFT marketplace and NFT battle royale game. In this medium blog, we explain what are these products and how you can use them. GamyFi Platform is live on Binance smart chain, please make sure you are connected to BSC Mainnet and have BNB in your wallet to cover gas fees.

1) NFT Battle Royale

The NFT battle royale is a decentralized NFT game powered by chainlink VRF where users participate with their NFT in a battle with others to get a chance to win GFX Rewards and a upgraded level NFT. Claim your Free CERENE NFT card at for preparation of the game.


CERENE is the legend which users can claim and use in NFT battle in order to upgrade it and earn rewards. She has 5 levels and receives more weapons and accessories with each upgrade becoming more powerful. At level 5, CERENE NFT card get a mining accessory and can be used to mine GFX.

ii) How to Play?

Claim your free Level 1 NFT from the app by clicking the claim NFT card.

Confirm the transaction and you will receive a Level 1 NFT. When a battle is started you can join a battle by going to CERENE page and clicking on level 1.

Check information regarding the ongoing battle on the left and choose your NFT on right and click on join button to join the Battle. Once you have participated, wait for the battle to start and end. Then you can check if you have won or not. The process of choosing a winner is done through chainlink VRF and is completely fair to everyone.
If you lose the battle. You will see a page like this.

But if you win the Battle, you will see a page like below and be able to claim the upgraded NFT and GFX rewards.

Once a NFT wins a battle it’s upgraded to The next level. In this case level 1 to level 2. You can participate in level 2 Battles with a level 2 NFT. Once the NFT wins Level 4 Battle, it gets upgraded to Level 5 and becomes eligible of being staked to earn GFX Rewards.

You will need to grab a mining equipment to start mining GFX. Head over to Get weapon page under CERENE tab and click on get weapon and confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction is confirmed, hear over to mine GFX page and click on the NFT you want and click stake NFT.

Once you stake the NFT. You will start earning Rewards. You can claim the NFT and GFX anytime or just collect GFX Rewards.

2) NFT Marketplace

GamyFi marketplace is live on and users can mint, buy and sell NFT on the marketplace.
Note: The Marketplace is completely decentralized and GamyFi Platform has no control over what users buy or sell. Please trade cautiously.

i) How to mint a NFT?

To mint a NFT without any need of coding, head over to My profile page, click on create NFT and input name, artist name, portfolio and the NFT image/GIF/video. Click on Mint. Your NFT will be in your wallet and can be seen on my profile page once you confirm the transaction. The transaction confirmation popup may take some time to show up.

ii) How to Trade NFT?

To place a sell order for a NFT, visit my profile page. Choose the collection which you want to sell, select the individual NFT and click on place buy order button. Select in which token you want to sell and set price. Click confirm to place the sell order.

Once you have places the order, you can increase the price or cancel the order by clicking the buttons shown next.

Once someone places a buy order, you can, you will be able to see the buy order below the NFT showcase.

Choose the order you want to sell to and click sell NFT. Your NFT will be sold to the buyer.

Once you click on sell token, you will have to confirm 2 transactions and then the NFT will be transferred to the buyers Address and you will receive the funds.
It’s that easy. 😉

iii) How to buy a NFT?

To place a buy order for a NFT, head over to the NFT page and click on place buy order button.

Once you confirm the transactions, you will be able to see the order below the NFT showcase.

You will receive the NFT once the buyer confirms your order.

There are also other notable features such as like Option, full collection view, accessibility of any NFT and much more.

We are also working hard to bring the Prediction Market and Fantasy sports mobile app as soon as possible.

If you any other features to be added or want to suggest improvements, feel free to reach out on our Telegram group. All links are available below.

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Application :

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