GamyFi Platform Public Beta is live on testnet.

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5 min readJun 21, 2021

Hello Everyone. Today, we are delighted to announce that the GamyFi NFT marketplace and NFT battle royale game are live on testnet. We invite everyone to use the platform and provide their valuable feedback while getting a chance to win Legendary GamyFi Genesis NFT. Follow the steps below to learn more and use the platform.

A. NFT Marketplace

GamyFi marketplace is live on Rinkbey testnet. Users can mint, buy and sell NFT on the marketplace.

Note: The Marketplace is completely decentralized and GamyFi Platform has no control over what users buy or sell. Please trade cautiously. Moreover the platform is on testnet at the moment, therefore tokens and NFTs have no value.

How to create or trade NFT on GamyFi Marketplace ?

First, collect some Rinkbey test ETH from Rinkbey faucet. Click on the tweet icon and replace the burn Address with your desired Address. Paste the tweet link on the input bar and wait for txn confirmation.

Then select Rinkbey chain on Metamask and visit and connect metamask wallet.

To buy a NFT, click on the NFT and click on place buy order and input your desired price and click confirm.

Metamask will pop-up and you will be asked to confirm 2 transactions. After confirmation, your order will be registered and the seller can sell the NFT to you. You will be able to see your order below the NFT info.

To sell a NFT, visit my profile page. Choose the collection which you want to sell, select the individual NFT and click on place buy order button. Select in which token you want to sell and set price. Click confirm to place the sell order.

You can increase the price once you have placed the order or you can cancel the order.

Once there are buy orders, you can choose which buyer to sell to by your preference and click sell token.

Once you click on sell token, you will have to confirm 2 transactions and then the NFT will be transferred to the buyers Address and you will receive the funds.

It’s that easy. 😉

There are also other notable features such as like Option, full collection view, accessibility of any NFT and much more.

B. NFT Battle Royale

The NFT battle royale is a decentralized NFT game powered by chainlink VRF where users participate with their NFT in a battle with others to get a chance to win GFX Rewards and a upgraded level NFT. Find out more at

Note: The NFT battle royale is currently available only on Binance smart chain testnet. You can claim testnet BNB from the Binance faucet by Inputting your BEP20 Address.

You can add Binance smart chain testnet into your metamask from

How it works ?

NFT battle royale is a very simple game. A user with a metamask wallet can claim a Level 1 NFT absolutely free. This Level 1 NFT can join level 1 battles with a chance to get upgraded to Level 2 and get GFX Rewards. A NFT can be upgraded upto level 5 and after that , it can be stakes to earn GFX Rewards. Reach Level 5 takes a lot of effort, making the Level 5 NFT’s very rare and valuable.

How to play NFT battle royale?

Claim your free Level 1 NFT from the app by clicking the claim NFT card.

Look out for Announcements regarding battle timing or check the website for ongoing available battles in tha app.

If you have a NFT of the same level of the battle. It will show up in the battle page. Or you can view all your Legends in the My Legends page.

Once you find a ongoing battle. You can check how many NFT have participated, when the battle is starting and ending and what is the reward. Click on the NFT icon to choose the NFT and click on join to participate in the battle.

Once you have participated, wait for the battle to start and end. Then you can check if you have won or not. The process of choosing a winner is done through chainlink VRF and is completely fair to everyone.

If you lose the battle. You will see a page like this.

If you win. You will see a page like below and be able to claim your upgraded NFT and GFX Rewards.

If the next battle has started, only the second button will be shown so that you can claim your Reward.

Once your NFT is upgraded. You can participate in level 2 battles. Same for other levels. At battle level 4, the NFT reachs Level 5 upon winning. The Level 5 NFT now can be used to mine GFX. Follow the below steps to mine GFX.

Visit the Get weapon page to grab your mining equipment. Click on Get weapon to get a equipment.

Confirm the transaction and proceed to GFX mine page.

You will see a page like below. Click on the NFT icon which you want to stake.

Click on stake NFT and confirm in metamask. Once the NFT has been staked. You will see a page like this. Here you can claim your GFX Rewards and unstake the NFT.

Thanks for reading patiently. That’s all for now. Hope you like our products and provide us your valuable feedback.


GamyFi team.



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