GamyFi Token (GFX) Contract Upgrade is here. Swap to new token now. 🌀

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3 min readSep 1, 2021


Hello Everyone, thanks for your support on the governance proposal which passed successfully. Now we move forward to the contract upgrade which will allow every token holder to swap old GFX token (0xe4fa3c576c31696322e8d7165c5965d5a1f6a1a5) to the new GFX token (0x65ad6a2288b2dd23e466226397c8f5d1794e58fc) which will be available on Ethereum, BSC and Polygon very soon.

Why this upgrade?

The token Contract upgrade is proposed to improve the token’s security, make it supported on bridges allowing users to bridge GFX token into other chains.

How to add new GFX to metamask or other wallets on Ethereum/BSC/Polygon?

Add the chain from and add custom token

Name : GamyFi Token

Ticker : GFX

Contract address : 0x65ad6a2288b2dd23e466226397c8f5d1794e58fc

Decimal : 18

How to swap GFX into new contract?

If you hold your tokens on a centralised exchange such as MEXC, BKEX, Bilaxy. They will do the swap for you and you don’t need to do anything. Just make sure to check the token you are depositing once swap is done. Please don’t deposit the old contract after swap.

If you hold GFX ERC20/BEP20 on a Decentralized wallet such as metamask or trust wallet. Visit and follow below mentioned steps to successfully swap tokens into new contract.

  1. Connect wallet & select the chain where you want to do the token upgrade.

2. Once connected, check for your GFX balance. It would be showing your old & new GFX balance. Now click on approve button if you have old GFX balance available for swap. Once the transaction is confirmed. Click on swap button. Once the transaction goes through. You have successfully swapped to New token. Now you can continue to hold GFX or use in GFX NFT battle royale or our other products.

This token upgrade platform is on only and will go live with this announcement. This token upgrade will be available for 6 months so all holders can swap to new contract. For those who are staking on UniFarm, you don’t need to unstake the tokens and swap immediately, you can keep it staked, unlock once pool ends and then swap. But it’s completely upto to the users. We’ll make sure everyone gets the new token delivered safely.

The new GFX contract on all chains is : 0x65ad6a2288b2dd23e466226397c8f5d1794e58fc

Please don’t trade or interact with any other GFX token contract other than this.



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